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Police officer killed by ‘resistance’ in Russia-occupied city – Ukraine

A police officer in the Russian-occupied city of Kherson was killed on Wednesday by an explosive device planted by the Ukrainian “resistance movement” and another one was injured, Ukraine’s defence ministry said. The reported killing is the latest in a series of attacks on local officials in regions captured by Russia since it invaded Ukraine in February.

“The resistance movement clears Kherson of traitors,” the ministry’s defence intelligence directorate said a statement. The device was set off by radio control on a street just north of the city centre, it said. On Saturday, the directorate urged citizens in the Kherson region to reveal where Moscow’s troops were living and which locals were collaborating with the occupying authorities.

“(We) remind all traitors of the inevitable retribution for helping the Russian occupiers,” the directorate said. In June, a pro-Russian official in the Kherson region was killed in a blast, RIA news agency said. Earlier that month the head of the region’s penal service was taken to hospital after a bomb exploded near his car, Tass agency said.

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