Ohmium, Shell India collaborate for green hydrogen energy solutions

Ohmium International is collaborating with Shell India to evaluate green hydrogen applications, markets, and project opportunities in India and globally.

As part of an MoU signed between the two sides, the companies will launch joint working groups to assess opportunities from the technical, commercial, and safety perspectives, a statement said.

The collaboration would elevate Shell’s ambition to help build a global hydrogen economy by developing the most competitive opportunities in the production, storage, transport, and delivery of hydrogen to end-customers, it stated.

“We plan to develop integrated hydrogen hubs to serve the industry and heavy-duty transport to be a leading player in this space. This MoU with Ohmium is a step in our journey,” said Nitin Prasad, Chairman, Shell Group of Companies in India.

This will also make Shell’s hydrogen projects more competitive, he added.

Ohmium International is a green hydrogen company that designs, manufactures, and deploys PEM electrolyzers, equipment that split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity.

Shell India is an oil and natural gas company.

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