Flat or Reducing Rate of Interest, Which Option is Best for Your Business?

Before taking out any form of loan, you should carefully consider the interest rate. For most borrowers, it is one of the fundamental elements influencing their decision to pick a lender and apply for a loan. The interest rates also help determine the equivalent monthly installments (EMI), which constitute a legal requirement for your business.  … Read more

Everything MSMEs Need to Know About GST

Implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) restructured the indirect tax system of India and brought significant changes in almost every economic sector of India. This comprehensive tax has been created by summing up all the consumption (indirect) taxes that were put separately on goods and services. The GST council decides GST rates, goods, … Read more

Shop and Establishment Act, Registration, License

The shops and commercial establishments Act is enforced in every state, and from time to time, amendments are made. This Act provides for the regulation of conditions of work and employment in these establishments. The Labour Department of every state guides it. This is one of the oldest departments of the government carrying out the … Read more

How is it Beneficial for MSME & SMEs?

A current account allows individuals, professionals, and businesses to conduct a variety of everyday monetary activities. The account can be opened and administered by a single person, a group of people, or a company. In comparison to Savings Accounts, Current Accounts pay no interest and have a greater minimum account balance requirement. Current accounts are … Read more

Cost Estimates of Setting Up an EV Public Charging Station in India?

Electronic Vehicles (EVs) are an environmentally friendly and low-cost alternative to petrol or diesel vehicles. Any vehicle that runs partially or wholly with electric combustion comes under the category of EV. Instead of using fuel, these vehicles use electric batteries or a combination of fuel and electric power to run. However, electric vehicles need electric … Read more

Benefits Of MSME Registration in India

Micro, small, and medium enterprises, more known as MSME, are an important sector globally. Minor businesses that do not cross a turnover of Rs. 200 crores at maximum comes under this category. A huge part of our growing population is benefitted from these enterprises as they promised employment options at low-cost investment. Export production from … Read more

Difference Between Secured and Unsecured Loan

The availability of credit facilities enables us to turn our dreams into reality. However, everything comes with a cost, and so do our desires and needs. The cost of turning them into reality comes in the form of debt. People need debt for numerous reasons, such as to go abroad for higher studies, to buy a … Read more

What is Passive Income? – How to Earn Passive Income in India

Passive income by definition refers to the income that we earn with little effort. This usually includes the extra income or the investment that provides us with output on the regular basis. So, whatever doesn’t require to be an active participant in the labor or a full-time participant in the endeavor of earning more is … Read more

Buy & Sell With Bitcoin stock – 2020 Guide For Your Online Business!

Udemy Online Course Free Coupon Code Buy & Sell With Bitcoin stock -2020 Guide For Your Online Business! Learn More About Bitcoin; Start and Online Business and Learn How to Use Bitcoin stock for your Payment! – Free Course What you’ll learn How to set up a Rocketr which is platform you will use to … Read more