BJP using festival of independence for its own gains: Akhilesh

Samajwadi Party (SP) president Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday said the BJP is appropriating the festival of independence to its purpose which is an insult to the martyrs.

BJP is pursuing its own interests in the name of nationalism, he said. ”BJP only knows how to fulfil their ‘swarthwaad'(selfishness) in the name of ‘Rashtrawaad’ (nationalism). They do not care for democracy,” Akhilesh said in a statement.

“Instead of connecting the ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ with the enthusiasm of life, their attempt is to give it a BJP colour, which is an insult to the martyrs who died for the freedom of the country,” he said.

The former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister alleged that the RSS and BJP leaders who are now preaching patriotism in the name of Amrit Mahotsav, never respected the national flag.

He also alleged that the BJP’s flag campaign has given rise to a variety of malpractices.

”Somewhere the ‘tiranga yatra’ of BJP has turned into a ‘danga yatra.’ In some places, the wrong tricolour is being distributed. Shops selling flags have opened in BJP offices. Money is being extracted from students in schools and employees in offices,” said Akhilesh.

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